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Our Purpose
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Organizational Structure



The name of this organization shall be the "Fountain of Life School of Ministry Alumni Association" (or current name of said institution), and shall be called here-in after "the Association."



Purpose of the Association


To maintain a close tie between the Fountain of Life School of Ministry (FLSM) and the Fountain of Life School of Ministry Alumni.
To promote and support financially the ministry of the Fountain of Life School of Ministry.
To foster and maintain fellowship among the Alumni.
To nominate members to the governing board of the Fountain of Life School of Ministry.
To plan and carry out regional fellowship meetings.




A Regular Member shall be any graduate or former student who has successfully completed at least one block course or earned a certificate, diploma, associate degree, bachelor, master, or doctoral degree at the Fountain of Life School of Ministry.
An Associate Member shall include a non-graduate of Fountain of Life School of Ministry who serves in the following capacities:
     The Principal of Fountain of Life School of Ministry
     The FLSM Senior Administrative Officer who is responsible for Alumni,
     A Faculty member who is in the employ of Fountain of Life School of Ministry.
     Has completed at least three full non-credit courses offered by Fountain of Life

     School of Ministry.
An Associate Member may attend Association Meetings, and shall have the right to speak, but not to vote.


Our Mission

Our mission is to further promote fellowship between former students of Fountain of Life School of Ministry. We will also strive to promote the college to those seeking to further their Christian education. We also want to help the college financially by developing an Alumni Fund which will assist in the development goals of the school and to purchase equipment for current student use.
The Alumni Fund is administered independent of the school by the Alumni members through the Alumni Board of Directors who are accountable to the Alumni membership through the annual meetings of the Alumni Association.

The Future

The alumni association will post its constitution on this web-site when completed.
As interest in the FLSMAA increases, we will work toward the goal of forming an executive that will give direction to the association. There will be different positions to fill such as President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.
Of special note to the Alumni: As of June 2009, the governing Board of Fountain of Life School of Ministry has 6 positions available for alumni members to fill. This is an opportunity for past students to serve in a position that will help shape the present and future of the college. Please contact the Chairman of the Board, Rev. Lyle Locke, at 764-9075 for further information regarding the FLSM Board of Directors membership.

Alumni Director

Rodney G. Cox, M.A.

Rodney Cox is the Director of Alumni Affairs with FLSM. Looking to finish his degree in biblical studies that was started with another school, Rod transferred his credits and began studies at the college in 2004. In April of 2008, Rodney graduated magna cum laude with his Master's Degree in Pastoral Ministry and Clinical Counsel. From 2008 to 2010 he served as the Registrar and an instructor with the college. Rodney and his family returned to North Battleford, SK in 2010 to pursue ministry and counselling opportunities in that community.

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