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Proposed Constitution of FLSMAA

For Alumni information, this is the first 2 pages of the draft constitution which would be finalized in draft form by the interim Alumni Board, distributed to Alumni Membership, then amended and ratified at the 1st Annual Meeting of the Alumni Association.

Proposed Constitution of the FLSMAA (Alternates: AAFCU; AAFOLSOM; AAFLSM) Fountain of Life School of Ministry Alumni Association.

To accomplish the goals of the Association, the founding Officers of the Association will proceed as soon as possible to be registered as a "not for profit" entity under the applicable provincial Societies Act and will progress to federal Charitable Society status as soon as possible thereafter.
The name of the Association shall be the Fountain of Life School of Ministry Alumni Association (FLSMAA).

The Head Office of the Association shall be located in Alumni Hall at the main building, Fountain of Life School of Ministry (FLSM), Prince Albert, Saskatchewan or any such location as directed by a 2/3's quorum of the voting membership at an annual meeting.

The purpose of the Association shall be twofold: to bring about the fellowship and unity of graduates and former students of FLSM College/University and to afford the opportunity to promote and foster the best interests of the College/University.

A. Present Members
All members of the Association, including graduates of individual certificate study blocks, who are Regular or Associate members, shall continue to hold such memberships in the Association.
B. Regular Members
i. Holders of diplomas, certificates, and degrees of FLSM College/University shall be Regular Members of the Association.
ii. Any person who has not graduated from a formal program but has successfully completed at least one year in a program and has left the College/University in good standing shall be a Regular Member of the Association upon application to  and approval of the Board of Directors.
iii. (a) Regular Members, only, may hold office in the Association.
    (b) Regular Members, only, may vote at annual or special meetings, or by mail on any matter pertaining to the affairs of the Association.
C. Associated Members
i. Members of the Board of Governors of FLSM College/University who may not otherwise be entitled to membership shall be Associated Members of the Association.
ii. Faculty and staff including retirees at FLSM College/University who may not otherwise be entitled to membership shall be Associate Members of the Association.
iii. Any other individual may become an Associate member of the Association upon application to and approval of the Board of Directors.
iv. All Associated Members will covenant together with the Regular Membership and be committed to the Judeo-Christian principles found in the Old and New Testaments as per the Regular Members original association with the FLSM College/University without deviance from the accepted doctrines, teachings and practice of the established Christian faith: e.g. the accepted qualifications for stewardship found in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9, excepting consideration of male or female gender.
D. Honorary Members
i. Any person, other than a Regular Member, who receives an Honorary Degree from FLSM College/University shall be an Honorary Regular Member of the Association WITH voting privileges.
ii. The Board of Directors of the Association may, from time to time, designate individuals (who are not otherwise entitled to membership) as Honorary Members of the Association WITHOUT voting privileges.
E. Resignation
Regular Members are ipso facto alumni for life of FLSM and never have to reapply. Associate and Honorary Members wishing to withdraw his or her membership shall be entitled to do so upon notifying the Board of Directors, in writing, of such intention and similarly may reapply at any time under the original condition of application.

A. Officers
The officers of the Association shall be:
i.       President
ii.      Vice-President
iii.     Secretary
iv.     Treasurer
v.      Advisor (immediate Past President)
The President, Vice-President and Secretary shall hold office for a 2-year term and are not eligible for re-election for a successive term in the same position until after an absence of two trems, 4 years.
B. Board of Directors and Executive Committee
There shall be a Board of Directors consisting of:
i. the officers of the Association. The President will serve as Chair of the Board.
ii. at inception, with Officers included, a minimum of twelve (12) to a maximum of twenty-four (24) Directors will be elected. Term of office shall be a 2 to 1 split between 2-year and 3-year terms of office: two 2-year terms for every one 3-year term.

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