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As of October 19, 2012,

Fountain of Life School of Ministry


ceased operations

due to a lack of student enrollment.

Former students that need access to their records or copies of their transcripts may call the

Prince Albert Apostolic Church at



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Fountain of Life School of Ministry (FLSM) undergraduate and graduate schools - offering individual credit courses and full accredited degrees for the ministry of Christ (click on the blue links below for access to documents of accreditation) by authority of the Fountain of Life School of Ministry Inc. Act of 2004, in accord with the  University of Saskatchewan Act of 1995: Subsection 6(3) (see below for designated links)

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School Motto:

"God loves us just as we are, but He loves us too much to leave us that way!"

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The Fountain of Life School of Ministry, Inc. Act of 2004

The University of Saskatchewan Act of 1995: Subsection 6(3)


  • Practical, accredited training for Christian pastoral ministry and clinical counseling, both fundamental parts of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE). 
  • Offering Certificate, Diploma, Associate Degree, Baccalaureate, Graduate and Post-Graduate level degrees.
  • Study the Bible and learn how to interpret, preach, teach and counsel effectively; learn the skills to counsel from an empowering pastoral perspective in time of crisis.

CORRESPONDENCE STUDY: as of January 2009, students may work for their degree online . Course and degree studies are offered year round by correspondence. Online support is offered by use of computer conferencing and webcam.

Part time or full time studies may be taken for credit transferable to other schools. Part time study is 2 or less full courses, 4 or less half courses, per term. Full time study is from 3 to 5 full courses, 6-10 half courses, per term (3.0 to 5.0 full credits, 18 to 30 credit hours). If qualified, the Canadian student may apply for Canada Student Loan coverage of full time study. Please contact the FLSM Registrar at 'folsom.registrar@sasktel.net' or Canada Student Loans for further information.

Under most circumstances, a minimum residency will be required to graduate from FLSM. However, special circumstances may be arranged between the student, FLSM and 3rd party local proctors through the use of video and ministry supervisors to complete the practicum levels required. Each case will be handled on an individual request basis.

Undergraduate and Graduate School

Fountain of Life School of Ministry has TWO subdivisions: 

  • Fountain of Life College for our undergraduate program: e.g. Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Ministry and Clinical Counsel
  • Fountain of Life Graduate School for our graduate and post-graduate programs: e.g. Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry and Clinical Counsel; Doctor of Theology in Biblical Studies/Hermeneutics/Counsel.
Foundational Purpose

Founded in 1996, incorporated in 1997 and located in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada, the Fountain of Life School of Ministry was designed to provide the student with a sound Bible and Ministry education. Initially, the vision was to provide accredited Christian education for the First Nations communities of northern Saskatchewan.  However, the student body has always been a mix of cultural backgrounds, including students from Africa, Japan, various provinces of Canada and  the First Nations of Saskatchewan.

Current Goal

The primary goal of FLSM is to offer practical training for ministry in order to help students to know God in Christ better and to prepare students to understand and perform the various components of Christian ministry with confidence and competence. Development of new course offerings and programs is ongoing. Training includes officiating at weddings, funerals, communion services, doing pastoral visitation, performing pastoral clinical counsel in both street and prison setting, doing psychometric skill and education testing, delivering sermons, performing baptisms and dedications, leading worship and Bible study, et al.

Who and Where We Are

Fountain of Life School of Ministry is also known under the secondary names FLSM, Fountain of Life Colleges and Fountain of Life.  The school is located in the Northeast wing of the Prince Albert Apostolic Church building, a former Catholic school/convent, and occupies a large usable space that readily facilitates expansion. If you are a team oriented individual that loves the Lord Jesus, would like to know more about your ministry and calling, and would like to help shape a dynamic school and world, you are welcome as a student at Fountain of Life.

Mailing Address

Fountain of Life School of Ministry
717 MacArthur Drive
Prince Albert, SK Canada,   S6V 5X6

Please get in touch to offer comments.

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For with YOU is the Fountain of Life! (Psalm 36:9)

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