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Fountain of Life School of Ministry: a brief history

There are several topics that could be discussed on this page of our web site. We may provide the history of the school and discuss how we have developed into one of the leading educational institutions. Another area of interest is our philosophy and mission for the education of children.

    In 1996, Rev. Dr. Don Shiach’s vision was to establish a Bible college that was oriented toward practical training for ministry for the people of Prince Albert and the native population of northern Saskatchewan. This came to reality when the Fountain of Life School of Ministry was established in Prince Albert. Rev. Dr. John Fryters, Ph.D. in Addictions Studies, agreed to become the first president of the new school.

In 2003, in the eighth year of his presidency, Rev. Dr. Fryters stepped down as president of Fountain of Life. Effective January 1, 2004, James D. Regehr, an ordained Baptist Pastor with a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies, was appointed as successor, the second president of the young college.

Rev. Shiach’s vision was always for Fountain of Life to be a nondenominational college. To facilitate this, people from various church backgrounds were recruited to serve on the board of directors to assist in vision and growth of the school. To date, the board of directors has included ladies and gentlemen from many congregations, e.g. Catholic, Anglican, Baptist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Apostolic, Pentecostal, independent denominations, et al.

Due to the practical nature of this college’s training, accreditation was sought and acquired in 1997 from both the National Association of Career Colleges (N.A.C.C.) as well as the Saskatchewan Association of Career Colleges, (S.A.C.C.).

The Government of Saskatchewan, Department of Learning granted Fountain of Life annual “Category 1” status under the Vocational College Legislation of Saskatchewan. As such, Fountain of Life qualifies as an approved college for both national as well as provincial Student Loans.

Fountain of Life has also been approved as a vocational school for retraining under Employment Insurance vocational retraining programs. Also, a large number of Folsom students have been fully sponsored by several First Nations Bands of Saskatchewan.

In May of 1997,  the Fountain of Life School of Ministry was officially incorporated as a non-profit, private, vocationally oriented college and that September, it formally began its first year of operation as a “Category 1, Private Vocational School” registered with the Government of Saskatchewan Department of Learning.

The Fountain of Life School of Ministry is a federally registered ‘not for profit’ charitable society. Contributions are receipted for federal income tax purposes.


In the spring of 2004, the college successfully petitioned the Government of Saskatchewan to pass ‘The Fountain of Life School of Ministry, Inc. Act of 2004’ which granted the college the right to confer university level academic degrees as solemnized by The University of Saskatchewan Act of 1995 section 6 (3).


Currently, Fountain of Life School of Ministry operates under the secondary names FLSM, Fountain of Life College (undergraduate school) and Fountain of Life Graduate School (advanced degree). Development of new course offerings and programs is ongoing. The school is located in the Northeast wing of the Prince Albert Apostolic Church building, a former convent and catholic school, occupying a large usable space that readily facilitates expansion.

Institutions continually evolve and change: students graduate; programs are adjusted; faculty come and go. At end of 2007 Summer Session, Rev. Dr. Regehr left the college presidency to pursue research and teaching in Jewish history and practice.

In April of 2008, Rev. Dr. Donald B.R. Doherty, ThD, was installed as the third president of the Fountain of Life School of Ministry. His focus is on reestablishing the primary goals of the school, i.e. raising up ministers and counselors solidly established in the foundational work of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. With a background in Biblical Hermeneutics (Biblical studies and interpretation) and Clinical Pastoral Counsel and Training, the school concentration under his tenure will be on both training in current counseling methodologies and accurate, practical, application of the wisdom and counsel found within the Scriptures as delivered by the Lord Christ, the Apostle Paul and the various writers of the Old and New Testaments.

We covet your prayers as we continue to transition and grow toward greater effectiveness for Christ!

For with YOU is the Fountain of Life! (Psalm 36:9)

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